An introductory starter series:  

Week One: Your Body, Your World
Knowing the names and functions of your body parts can be essential to increase understanding about yourself and to communicate your possible personal needs. This session will review social rules associated with “private” and “public” places and behaviors. Medical names for the sexual and reproductive anatomy will be introduced to help individuals better understand the importance of privacy.

Week Two: Your Touching Rights
Being able to communicate your rights about touch and personal space is an important and necessary life skill. This session will address the difference between wanted/safe, unwanted/unsafe, and confusing touch and assist in identifying feelings associated with touch.

Week Three: Putting You FIRST
This session teaches students about personal rights and the different ways to exercise these rights. Individuals will learn refusal skills and practice noncompliance and assertive communication in response to unwanted or unsafe situations. 

Week Four: YOU CAN Take Action
This session will introduce a four step decision making model to promote healthy relationship decisions. Clients will explore various social situations and relationships and identify steps to overcome unhealthy / unsafe situations.

Week Five: Who Surrounds YOU
Students will assess the various people who surround them within their neighborhood (stranger, peers, friends, family). This lesson will give individuals the opportunity to explore their own support systems and identify “safe” people to communicate about unhealthy relationships and unwanted situations.